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Our Professional Fee

Our standard professional (estimated) fees for migration matters (listed below) only cover our professional fee, which remains subject to variation depending upon the complexity of your matter and the amount of time that may be required to complete the service satisfactorily.
The fees listed below do not include any taxes or surcharge(s) or any fees/costs for the services provided by third parties (such as Skills Assessing Authorities, Visa Application Charges, Tribunal fees, and so on).

For Family Law matters, please contact our office directly for a fee estimate.

Service Description
Bridging Visa E (051)
From AUD 2200
Bridging Visa E - Work Rights
From AUD 2200
Bridging Visa E (050) - (URGENT)
From AUD 2000
Bridging Visa C
From AUD 500
Bridging Visa A or B
From AUD 400
Carer Visa
From AUD 5800
Resident Return Visa (Complex)
From AUD 3400
Resident Return Visa
From AUD 1200
Child (sc 101) (Permanent) Visa
From AUD 3800
Dependent Child (Temporary) (sc445) Visa
From AUD 3500
Medical Treatment Visa (sc 602)
From AUD 2200
Contributory Parent (Temporary) sc 173 visa
From AUD 4000
Contributory Parent (Permanent) (Subclass 143) Visa
From AUD 4000
Ministerial Intervention
From AUD 5200
AAT Merits Review (General Division)
From AUD 5500
AAT Mertis Review (Migration & Refugee Division)
From AUD 6500
PIC 4020 Submission
From AUD 3850
Response to Notice of Cancellation on Character Grounds (s501)
From AUD 5600
Response to Notice of Intention to Cancel Visa
From AUD 4650
Response To Section 56 or s57 Letter - Request For More Information
From AUD 2750
Parent Sponsored (Temporary) (Subclass 870) Visa
From AUD 3500
Refugee/Humanitarian Visa
From AUD 4800
Protection Visa (sc866) (Complex)
From AUD 6250
Protection Visa (sc866)
From AUD 4800
Student Visa
From AUD 1500
Visitor Visa
From AUD 1200
Partner / Fiancé Visa
From AUD 4300
Citizenship Application
From AUD 2500
Citizenship (Complex)
From AUD 3200
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