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Student Visa (subclass 500)


Who Can Apply For This Visa?


You can apply for a Student (subclass 500) Visa if you wish to boost your knowledge and refine your skills in your desired field. This Visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to five years, in line with your enrolment.

Main Benefits of This Visa


A Student (subclass 500) visa allows you to:

  1. Receive world-class education from well-recognized and reputed education providers in Australia for up to 5 years, in line with your enrolment.

  2. Gain invaluable practical skills and experience in the relevant industry. You can work up to 40 hours per fortnight during semesters/trimesters. During college/university holidays, students are generally permitted to work for unlimited hours. That means, while you study and gain experience in Australia, you will also have an opportunity to earn some money to indulge in your favourite extracurricular fun activities.

  3. Bring your certain immediate family members (e.g., spouse, children) to Australia.

  4. Travel and tour around Australia as much as you can afford.

What Do You Need To Qualify For This Visa?

You must be able to satisfy the Minister/Visa Officer that:

  • You are enrolled in a full-time CRICOS Registered course. (CRICOS stands for Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students);

  • You genuinely intend to stay in Australia temporarily (i.e. to complete your intended course). However, in some circumstances, you may be able to apply for a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) Visa AFTER the completion of your course;

  • You are able to provide evidence of the level of English language that may be required from you (for example, an Overall score of 5.5 in IELTS but nothing less than 5.0).

    • However, in certain circumstances, you may be exempted from English language tests (for instance, if you are from a certain English-speaking country; or you have completed 2 years of education in certain countries immediately before applying for your Student visa, or you have completed 5 years of study in certain English-speaking countries).

  • You have genuine access to funds to cover your (and your dependants') costs of living in Australia (including, tuition fees, children’s school fees, travel, accommodation, utility bills, food, etc.)

    • Usually, students are required to provide evidence of their financial capacity only for the first year, if their course takes longer than a year).

  • You have not breached the conditions of any visa in the past and you will comply with all the conditions imposed on your Student Visa in the future;

  • You are able to satisfy the Health Requirements for this Visa (for example, you do not have a serious medical condition that may put others in danger);

  • You are able to satisfy the Character Requirements for this Visa, (for example, you do not have a substantial criminal record).

Things to Consider

  • Student visa applications used to be a simple and relatively straightforward process in the bygone days. But this process is not a simple one for everyone now. You certainly do not wish to risk your dreams, ambitions, and career planning by not providing all the relevant information that a Visa Officer dealing with your Student Visa application may be looking for.

  • If you fail to get your Student visa application correct and complete in the first place and if it is refused, you may end up doing nothing but waiting for the next semester, or your passport or IELTS may expire in the meantime. You also may need to be concerned about the increasing study gap! The bottom line is that you lodge a 'decision-ready' Student visa application to avoid delays, complications, and visa refusal.

Practical Tips

  • Satisfying a Visa Officer that you are a genuine student who wishes to enter Australia only to enhance his knowledge and skills. Obviously, you would want to be careful not to make any statements in your genuine temporary entrant statement, which may confuse a visa officer about your future plans, if settling permanently in Australia is not your intention.

  • If your intention behind your Student Visa application is to settle in Australia, then you should know that there is no easy direct pathway to permanent residency in Australia after completing your education in Australia.

  • You must consider and collect all the information and evidence that may substantiate your claims of being a genuine student.

  • When completing the Student visa application and relevant forms, you must think about why you are expected to make a particular statement. (Remember: most of the statements and questions are in the application/forms for a critical purpose).

  • Seek professional assistance to maximize your chances of success in securing your Student (subclass 500) visa.

Cost of This Visa

Main Applicant From AUD$650

*There may be additional costs if there is more than one applicant (for example, if you have dependent children included in your Student visa application)

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Warning! Please note that Australian immigration laws and policies are highly complex and dynamic. Therefore, no information provided on this website in relation to Australian immigration laws and policies (or on any other matter) is comprehensive or intended to be legal advice. Failure to receive professional advice - tailored to your specific circumstances - may prove costly to you in many respects. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

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