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IMMI s56 Request for More Information

If you have received an IMMI s56 Request for More Information (‘s56 Request’) from the Department of Home Affairs, it does not always mean that you are in trouble.


What is IMMI s56 Request For More Information?


Section 56 Request is often a simple and straightforward request from your case officer that requires you to provide some further information or supporting documents to assist the case officer in processing your Australian visa, Sponsorship, or Australian citizenship application. S56 Request generally advises an applicant to provide the required information within the given time (often that given time is 28 days, but it may vary). Therefore, you must keep an eye on that date because if you fail to respond to that request within the given time, the case officer may decide on your application without any further wait. 

How Does the s56 Request Look Like?

Further, s56 Request For More Information is usually contained in two separate documents. You must read them carefully, identify the critical instructions, and follow them. Among other things, in one document (named “s56 Request for More Information”), you need to find the date by which you need to provide the required information. It may also advise how you can provide the required information. In the other document (usually named “Request Checklist And Details”), you will find the details of the information/documents that are required. In this document, you will also likely see a detailed version of examples of what the case officer expects from you in response to that s56 Request. Again, you must read everything carefully and plan how and when you should provide the required information.

Visa Processing Time After s56 Request

There are no set timeframes or strict rules regarding how long the case officer would take to decide your application after you have responded to an s56 request for more information. The case officer may take minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or even years to decide on your application after receiving your s56 response. However, case officers often try their best to decide on applications within the published Global Visa Processing Times. Hence, by referring to Global Visa Processing Times, you can get an idea as to how long it may take for a case officer to decide your visa application. (Note that it is a very bad idea to keep sending case officers emails asking them about the status of a visa application or why the case officer is taking so long to decide on an application.) 

Will You Get a Visa After Responding To s56 Request?

A visa grant after your response to an s56 request is never guaranteed. The outcome of your visa application will depend upon the final review and assessment of your eligibility for the visa applied for. Once that assessment is completed, the case officer will either approve or refuse your visa application.

How To Respond To Immi s56 Request For More Information?

  • Before responding to an s56 Request, you must collect all the information and evidence that may strengthen your application and response. Always provide correct, accurate, and up-to-date information and only genuine documents.

  • Before submitting the information and documents, name them properly. Also, anticipate how the case officer will look at that information/documents and how will he/she interpret them. Remember to provide what is required. Avoid providing irrelevant information/documents.

  • When completing any relevant applications and forms, you must consider why you are expected to make a particular statement. Why a particular question has been inserted in a form/letter?

  • Again, consider seeking professional assistance to maximize your chances of success in securing your desired outcome.

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