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Medical Treatment Visa
(Subclass 602)

What is a Medical Treatment Visa (subclass 602)?

If you need to travel to Australia for medical treatment, you can apply for a medical treatment (subclass 602) visa. Medical treatment may include consultations with a specialist doctor, minor or major surgeries, life-saving treatments, or even cosmetics.

 You can also bring your minor children and an adult family member with you on this visa if you require some support while you receive medical treatment in Australia. You may be allowed to travel to Australia as many times as you want for the purposes of seeking consultations or medical treatment during the validity of your Medical Treatment Visa.

You may apply for this visa even if you can receive the same treatment in your home country. However, you should be able to provide a reasonable explanation of choosing Australia and not receiving the required treatment in your home country (for example, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the treatment in your home country, or the treatment is too expensive, or you have a support person in Australia which you do not have in your home country, etc.).

This visa also allows you to travel to Australia to donate an organ to someone in that country.

You can apply for this visa in Australia or from outside Australia.


Main Benefits of This Visa

After you are granted this visa, you:

  1. Can travel to Australia to receive medical treatment for three or more months;

  2. Can travel to and from Australia as many times as you want during the validity of your Medical treatment visa;

  3. May have an opportunity to study for up to 3 months if your visa allows you to do so.


What Do You Need To Qualify For A Medical Treatment Visa?

You will need to satisfy your case officer that:

  • You are a genuine visitor who intends to stay in Australia only temporarily for the purposes of seeking medical consultations and/or treatment;

  • You have made arrangements to receive the required medical treatment (for example, discussed with the doctor who has devised a plan for your treatment);

  • You have made arrangements for the payment of all costs related to the treatment;

  • You have enough funds to support yourself and any accompanying support person in Australia if you are granted this visa. (These funds may be for your travelling costs, accommodation, food, health insurance, etc.)

  • You can satisfy the Australian Commonwealth and the relevant state government that you are able to bear all costs resulting from the grant of this visa.

  • A Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) must be satisfied that providing you with the required treatment will not prejudice the access of other Australians to health care and community services (for instance, if you require an organ transplant or dialysis, then you may fail to satisfy this criterion).

  • You do not intend to travel to Australia for a business-related activity or to apply for a Protection visa or maintain an ongoing residence in any other manner.

  • You have complied with any conditions imposed on any visa(s) that you were granted in the past;

  • You have not breached Australian immigration laws or violated other laws;

  • You are a person of good character;

  • You are able to satisfy the Health Requirements for this Visa (for example, you do not have a serious medical condition, such as TB, that may put others in danger).


Consider This

  • You cannot apply for a Medical Treatment Subclass 602 visa if you are in Australia and your current visa has a ‘no further stay’ condition imposed on it, unless waived;

  • You must not apply for this visa if you intend to apply for a Protection/Refugee visa in Australia;

  • You must not apply for this visa if you intend to work illegally in Australia;

  • If you have previously overstayed a visa (especially in Australia), then that may cause a problem;

  • If you were previously banned from applying for a visa to Australia under Public Interest Criteria 4020 (PIC 4020), then your application is likely to be zealously scrutinized;

  • If you or any member of your family unit (such as your brother, sister, or parent) has applied for an onshore Protection Visa (subclass 866) in Australia, then it may become challenging for you to satisfy that you will return to your country before your visa expires.


Practical Tips

  • To evidence that you have arranged for medical treatment in Australia, you must have the following:

    • The details - such as name and address - of the relevant medical practitioner and medical facility in Australia (that is, the hospital or clinic in Australia to which the applicant has been referred for treatment);

    • A written confirmation from the medical practitioner and/or medical facility that they agree to treat the patient.

  • To evidence that a medical practitioner or medical facility has agreed to provide the consultation or treatment, the applicant must provide a written confirmation from that medical practitioner and/or medical facility stating:

    • the nature of the treatment

    • the estimated duration required for the treatment

    • the proposed dates of the treatment and/or consultations

    • the possible cost of treatments

    • the likely treatment scenarios if an applicant is coming to Australia for a consultation only

    • if applicable, a proposed date of admission to the relevant medical facility.

  • To evidence the payment arrangements for the consultations or medical treatment, your medical practitioner or medical facility must provide the following:

    • An undertaking that the medical practitioner or medical facility undertakes to treat you (i.e., the patient); and

    • The medical practitioner or medical facility is satisfied regarding the arrangements for the payment of all costs related to the required treatment (including fees for consultation, treatment and hospital accommodation and those costs that are more than any reimbursement under private health insurance etc.); or

    • The medical practitioner or the medical facility has agreed to treat you free of any costs.

  • In addition, there are certain types of evidence and documents that your visa/case officer may find very helpful in determining the ‘genuineness’ of your claims.

  • When completing the application and forms, you must think about why you are expected to make a particular statement. Why any statement on the form is there? Why has a particular question been inserted in a form? (Remember: most of the statements and questions are in the application/forms for a purpose).


Cost of This Visa

  • For offshore applicants – Nill

  • For onshore applicants – AUD 320 (Any additional applicants over 18 – AUD 160. Any additional applicants under 18 – AUD 80.)


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