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Visitor Visa (subclass 600)


Who Can Apply For Visitor Visa 600?

There are several types of Visitor Visa 600, each with some unique features and requirements. In general terms, you can apply for this subclass 600 visa if you genuinely intend to stay in Australia on a temporary basis, for example, for holidays or to spend time with your family and friends. The most common Visitor visa 600 streams include a Tourist visa and a Sponsored Family visa. The suitability of any particular Visitor Visa stream largely depends upon an applicant's circumstances. In some circumstances, applying for a Visitor visa in the wrong stream may result in the refusal of the visa application.

Main Benefits of This Visa

After you are granted this visa, you:

  1. Can travel to Australia and live here, usually for a short period of time (often three months to 12 months).

  2. You may also be able to study for up to three months if your Visa allows you to do so.

What Do You Need To Qualify For This Visa?

You will need to satisfy your visa/case officer that:

  • You are a genuine visitor who intends to stay in Australia only temporarily;

  • You have enough funds to support yourself in Australia if you are granted a visitor visa. (These funds may be for travel costs, accommodation, food, etc.);

  • You do not intend to travel to Australia for a business-related activity or to seek medical treatment;

  • You have complied with any conditions imposed on any visa(s) that you were granted in the past;

  • You have not breached Australian immigration laws or violated other laws;

  • You are a person of good character;

  • You are able to satisfy the Health Requirements for this Visa (for example, you do not have a serious medical condition that may put others in danger).

Things to Consider

  • If you have had a visitor visa refused or cancelled in the past, your chances to secure another Visitor Visa may be affected by such cancellation or refusal;

  • If you have overstayed a visa (especially in Australia), then that may cause a problem;

  • If you were banned from applying for a visa to Australia under Public Interest Criteria 4020, then your application is likely to be zealously scrutinized;

  • If you or any member of your family unit (such as your brother, sister, or parent) has applied for an onshore Protection Visa (subclass 866) in Australia, then it may become challenging for you to satisfy that you will return to your country before your visa expires.

Practical Tips

  • Before you submit your Visitor Visa application, try getting it correct, complete, and convincing. You must consider and collect all the information and evidence that may substantiate your claims that you are a ‘genuine’ visitor and that you will return to your country as expected.

  • Certain types of evidence and documents may be very helpful to your visa/case officer in determining the ‘genuineness’ of your claims.

  • When completing the application and forms, you must think about why you are expected to make a particular statement. & why has a particular question been inserted in a form? (Remember: most of the statements and questions in the visitor visa application are for a purpose).

Cost of This Visa

From AUD$190

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